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Founded by the offspring of legacy American veterans, Military Meds is dedicated to educating, assisting, employing, and supporting American heroes who have sacrificed their health, wellness and lives for this country. Both our fathers served in battle in the Korean and Vietnam wars.  One of our co-founders was born on an air force base, his father having served for 32 years in the air force.  We have lived and been around veterans for the majority of our early lives.  Our personal background and legacy is why we formed Military Meds.  To help veterans heal and to support them. 

Military Meds (OB Family Holdings LLC) is a medical and recreational cannabis company dedicated to creating safe, organic cannabis products for American veterans. Our products provide veterans and those who support them, a simple, safe, and easy way to utilize cannabinoids for therapeutic purposes. Our team works closely with veterans to help them find relief from a variety of chronic conditions and ailments in order to improve their lives. We are committed to cultivating and providing the highest quality cannabis products consistently delivered to qualified, licensed cannabis retailers in the safest and most secure manner. With 1 dollar from the sale of each product donated to veterans organizations, Together, we can help our heroes through cannabis.


Military Meds has become my favorite Vape cartridge brand. Their prices are fair and they burn nice. They’re smooth and they have a nice flower like taste that isn’t overwhelmed with flavor additives. With some of the proceeds benefiting Veterans, it’s an all around win for me!

Josh Cavagnaro

“I found their 1:1 tincture to have a smooth, earthy flavor. The effects were just as smooth, earthy, pain reducing and relaxing. A GREAT PRODUCT!…”

Mark Babin

Our Mission

Our goal is to establish ourselves as a valuable local cannabis community organization comprised of passionate, daring people, driven by quality and integrity, who are determined to write history, not read about it. Social responsibility is fundamental to our mission. Every sale from our products will result in a percentage of those profi ts being donated to California veteran organizations. In addition, as we grow as a company, we will make it a priority to hire veterans as part of our company. We plan on being a responsible neighbor and an asset to the city of Santa Rosa.

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